scalatest irgnores classpath?

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scalatest irgnores classpath?

Daniel Lincke

I have written a test for scalatest:
package a.b

import org.scalatest._
import org.scalactic.TolerantNumerics

class MyTest extends FlatSpec with Matchers {

I compiled into the lib directory of my project directory, and executing
from that directory works fine:

..myproject/lib$ scala a.b.MyTest
Run starting. ...
All tests passed.

Going one directory up I cannot run the test anymore:

..myproject$ scala -cp pathto_myproject/lib/ a.b.MyTest
  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: a.b.MyTest

I tried all kinds of quotes for the classpath, I also check with
-Ylog-classpath ... the pathto_myproject/lib/ directory appears under
userClassPath        = pathto_myproject/lib/

What is the problem here?


Dr. Daniel Lincke

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