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Sohva 2.0.0

Lucas Satabin-2
Hi all,

I am proud to announce the new release of Sohva 2.0.0
Sohva is an asynchronous client library for CouchDB database.

This is a new major release of Sohva.

The library has received a lot of code cleanup, improvements and new
features available in CouchDB 2.0.0.

You can find more details and documentation on thew new website :

Among the major changes we find:

 - use of akka-http
 - support for mango query (CouchDB 2.0.0 only)
 - use of akka-streams for change streams (drop dependency to RxScala)
 - drop support for synchronous interface
 - a more comprehensive API
 - deprecation of methods with non consistent names (wrt. to naming
 - a new complete website with a more comprehensive documentation

I hope you'll enjoy this release, feedback welcome on the issue tracker


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