Scala-Web-REPL v1.0 is out! Kick 1.0-SNAPSHOT offfffffff!

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Scala-Web-REPL v1.0 is out! Kick 1.0-SNAPSHOT offfffffff!

I'm glad to write "Scala-Web-REPL v1.0 is out".

Scala-Web-REPL uses a web terminal as the interactive console. Especially, it can be used as :

  • an inspector for running applications
  • a command line interface for running applications, which will save your time writing a dedicated interface for its management.
  • a hot code modification mechanism

In contrast to 1.0-SNAPSHOT:

-1. A better WEB UI layout

0. add more shotcuts for the web terminal manipulation, such as "ctrl+l" to clear the entire screen.

1. some bugs fixed, especially the ugly reconnection;

2. rename some parameters in the public api, so users can understand them better.

3. add some utilities for akka's actors, so that operating on actors in running applications is more easier.

4. add some builtin named parameters, that help use the web console, such as println_to_wrepl
5.more detailed

Wish you like it.

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