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Implementation and design aspects of the Scala system internals 438 2725
by danefaride
The main forum for questions and discussions about the Scala programming. In particular, newbie questions and programming experiences and questions should go to this list. 7317 40877
by Lutz Huehnken
The main forum for discussions and news about the Scala language. 3761 21704
by Ruslan Shevchenko-2
Announcements of new Scala releases, packages and applications; messages will be cross-posted to the main Scala list. 753 897
by Antoine Gourlay
A more relaxed list for questions and discussions about Scala. In particular, the following should go to this list:
    * newbie questions.
    * trails of discussions that started in scala but become too specialized to be of interest to most readers.
    * topics where you suspect that only a few people would be interested.

The forums was made read-only (details)
579 2914
by lutherzendejas
The main forum for discussions about the Scala tools contributed by the community. 1142 5483
by skjamon
712 7036
by Matthew Pocock-3
The Scala Community Library (Scalax) is a project to develop a general utility library for the Scala language, as a companion to the standard library. 72 332
by kimorapharmachem
Discussion, information, etc. related to the Lift web framework 3904 24377
by Eljj