Diffson 2.1.0 released

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Diffson 2.1.0 released

Lucas Satabin-2
Hi all,

I am proud to announce the new release of Diffson.

Diffson is a library allowing people to generate and manipulate patches
for Json documents, according to RFC-6902.

This release focuses on code modularization and fixes bugs. It is now
easier to add support for a new Json library with full test coverage.
Diffson natively provides support for following Json libraries:

 - spray-json
 - play-json
 - circe

It is also the first Diffson release to support Scala 2.12 for Json
libraries that are published with Scala 2.12 support.

The new version is published in the Sonatype maven repository and will
be propagated to Maven Central Repository soon.

Thanks a lot to all contributors of this version.

For tutorial and documentation, please visit the website: https://githu

For the complete list of changes, see the closed issues and merged pull
requests: https://github.com/gnieh/diffson/milestone/5?closed=1


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