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Apache Scala Online Training

Scala Training online course will make you thorough in apache spark and scala and teaches the method implied to create scala constructs in application code. Scala is a functional programming language for general purpose software applications. It has full support for functional programming and a very strong static type system. Hence Scala programming language is very concise and smaller in size than other usual programming languages. Many of Scala’s design decisions were inspired from the drawbacks of Java. Scala supports the advanced component architecture and frameworks that can be developed.


Our training educates over Implementing Apache Spark Concepts, Applying Scala for Spark and to become competent users of Scala constructs in application code. We have industry experts in Apache Scala, who explain the concepts of Big Data, Approach to Big Data Problems using Apache Scala, working with RDDs and Scala REPL. Supported by interactive teaching methodologies, our faculty makes sure, students understand in-depth concepts and implementations precisely.

For more information, click the link below.


Contact Info:

USA : +1 201 378 0518 

INDIA: +91 92463 33245 

E-mail: [hidden email]

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